Welcome to Frontierville Express! So glad to have you here with us :)

Making your way on the Frontier takes good neighbours and good planning and we'll give you both.

With all the new mission requirements you'll always know which crops to plant and which animals to buy.

We'll also take your gaming up a notch with hints and tips to optimise your gameplay and 24/7 help from admins around the world and our thousands of page members who all love the game as much as you do.

Oh, and we also run competitions, post stories and generally try to make things around the Frontier fun on those incredibly rare moments when the game has a glitch, which is very, very rare obviously... *uncrosses fingers*

What we aren't is Zynga... We love to help and, trust me, if we could get our hands on the game and sort out issues or add features then we would... although it's debatable whether we'd make it better or worse ;)

Because of this we can give hints that are supposed to help with glitches or bugs but any major game issues are beyond us.

On the page we've got our wall for help posts, competitions and updates from the admin, our discussion boards for trades and add me posts and the notes section for everything else.

Please note we do NOT allow horseshoe links, cheat sites or automated bonus grabbers. Post one and we let loose the Boot... (style and size depends on admin...)

Some further reading on the group and it's etiquette can be found in the notes section, although a sneak preview is DO NOT WRITE ALL IN CAPS.

Right, that's enough talking, saddle up and Wagons ROLL!