Tuesday 26 April 2011

The 12 Days Of Pioneer Trailing!

Time to get your helping boots on and help out a pioneering family in need... and in return they'll show you the way to the Pioneer Trail!

The McBaggins Family have broken down on your homestead and really need your help, you'll first find out about them by receiving a letter with handwriting you don't recognise...

Accepting the challenge will then put the McBaggins family as an addition by the side of your homestead (where the toy factory was at Christmas).

Now, just like Christmas they'll be 12 missions to complete, and they'll work side by side, you won't need to complete one to get the next to pop up...

Instead what you WILL need to do is log in daily! A new mission is activated each day when you log in, so if you log in for 5 days, you'll get 5 missions. Note it DOESN'T have to be every day, If you log in for two days, then take a few days off and log in for a third day, you'll get the third mission, you won't miss out on any missions or have to start again!

Once you finish 6 Missions you'll get a special reward of a nice sparkley pond to place on your homestead...

But the REALLY exciting thing happens when you complete all 12... That opens up your Conestoga Wagon and the chance to take on the Oregon Trail for yourself! So Saddle up and Wagon's Roll!

(Please note we've been told the wagon is a placeholder image, the real one will look MUCH nicer!)