Sunday 14 August 2011

Pioneer Trail Checklist

One of the most confusing things on the Trail is remembering which avatar needs to be doing which task during missions.

Well, worry no longer! We've created this quick checklist for you to download and print off which will allow you to keep track and have the right avatar active for the right task.

Active missions can be ticked or starred, completed missions can be crossed out or ticked so you always, at a glance, know what's needing to be done by who without going through the missions...

There are four versions, two are normal print, two are large print and there are Document and PDF versions of each one.

Downloading the Word Document:

To download simply click the image and a download link will appear, save it wherever you want on your computer then open and use the print function in your software to get a permanent copy.

Downloading the PDF:

Most browsers will now automatically open the PDF. There will then be a save or print function direct from your browser.

The standard version requires three pages, the large print, five. Please note not ALL missions are covered, only ones that need a specific homestead item doing with a specific avatar.


Large Print