Friday 12 August 2011

The Pioneer Trail Screen

Most of the Pioneer Trail screen will be familiar to Frontierville players but some things will be different.

This is the standard Pioneer Trail screen...

The first thing to note is the top bars, which instantly point out that we don't take anything with us from our homestead on the Trail, with all new resources to collect, in order from left to right Food, Medicine, Parts and Rations.

Food is collected with your hunter, medicine from your doctor and parts from your carpenter. These will be used in the same way as the resources on your homestead and can also be traded.

Finally Rations are the Trail name for energy, everything you do on the Trail costs one energy/ration point.

Below that bar you'll see we're not even taking our money on the Trail, instead we'll be using Prize Tickets to buy items in the Market or from Trader Bart. You'll also see Trail Points on the opposite side. These are earned by doing missions and helping friends and are used to buy some items from the market.

Finally at the bottom of the screen we'll see the new Trail menu which will be used to bounce between the Trail and the Homestead along with a couple of other Trail specific menus.

Then we'll see the Trail crew, with yourself as the leader and either well known NPCs or your friends being hired to be the Hunter, Doctor and Carpenter!

It's familiar, but new and exciting as well!